2021 NCR Award Recipients

President's Certificates:  

  • Jarrod Mann, PE, CSI, CDT, LEED AP

  • Brandon Hopperstat, CSI, CDT

  • David Atkins, PE, CSI, SE

  • Andrea Zawodny, CSI, CCS, CDT, LEED AP

  • Laura Derrick, CSI, AIA

  • CSI Flint Hills Chapter

Region Commendation:  

  • Ron Berra, CSI, CDT, AIA, SCIP and Linda Berra

Region Cooperation Award:  

  • AGC of Missouri

Region Education Commendation:  

  • Steve Gantner, RA, CSI, CDT, CCS, CCCA, SCIP

Region Technical Commendation:

  • Negwer Materials

Region Electronic Media Award:

  • Core 10 Architecture

  • Vince Fallon, CSI, CDT, NACE

Special Publication Commendation:

  • Susan Lee, NCARB, CSI

Gary Betts Memorial Award:

  • Jerry Putnam, FCSI, CCS, CDT

Member Support Grants

North Central Region has established a new grant for NCR members who are suffering financial difficulties due to Covid-19 but want to remain in CSI. Each grant recipient will receive reimbursement of their Institute dues ($275 for a professional member).  Members are responsible for paying their chapter dues.

Please download our grant request form for details and to apply.

2021-2022 Executive Committee

The North Central Region's Executive Committee for FY2022 will consist of the following members.

  • President: Travis Miller, PE, CSI, CDT; term expiring June 30, 2022

  • President-Elect: Elias Saltz, FCSI, CCS, CDT, SCIP; term expiring June 30, 2022

  • Treasurer: George Ramsay, CSI, CDT, ASHRAE; term expiring June 30, 2023

  • Secretary: Pam Jergenson, CSI, CCS, CCCA, CDT; term expiring June 30, 2022

2022 NCR+SWR Bi-Region Conference

This event will be held in Denver from April 27-30, 2022. Save the date!