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Wednesday, April 29th

A travel day for most, Chapter President-Elects attend a day of training for their upcoming terms.

NCR puts importance on this program, and will reimburse one attendee from each chapter up to $700 in expenses.  More than one representative from a chapter is welcome, however the Region only reimburses one.

Contact facilitators Mike Coan and Andrea Zawodny for more information.

Thursday, April 30th

  • Seated breakfast and Keynote

  • 10 Education Sessions, plus...

  • 4 Product Rep Academy sessions, and...

  • 1 Chapter Leadership session

  • Companion Excursions

  • Welcome Reception 

  • Hospitality Room


Friday, May 1st

  • Breakfast

  • 6 Education Sessions, plus...

  • 3 Chapter Leadership sessions

  • Companion Excursions

  • Product Expo

  • Awards Banquet

  • Hospitality Room

Saturday, May 2nd

  • Breakfast

  • 1 Chapter Leadership session

  • NCR Annual Meeting (All members welcome)

  • NCR Board Meeting (All members welcome, only Board Members vote)

  • Kansas State Capitol Tour

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